Huu Nghi Hospital asked to explain case of boasting about Pfizer vaccination

Inspectors of the Health Ministry yesterday requested detailed explanation from the Director of Huu Nghi Hospital related to the case of a girl showing off on the social network about her Covid-19 vaccination thanks to her father asking for help from a doctor here.

Accordingly, Nguyen Thanh Ha, Director of Huu Nghi Hospital admitted that there is such a case.

He further explained that the mentioned girl is a journalist, meaning she belongs to one of the priority groups for vaccination as regulated by the Health Ministry.

Since her father is a lecturer in Vietnam Military Medical University, he has a student working in Huu Nghi Hospital, and thus asking to register her for the Covid-19 vaccine.

As to why the girl was vaccinated with Pfizer, Director Ha stated that at that time, there were two doses of Pfizer left in the hospital after the priority group of that day has finished vaccination, so one was used on the girl.

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