Hotline for complaints about road traffic announced

The Vietnam Department for Roads has just launched its hotline to receive suggestions, complaints, and inquiries from citizens and businesses about road traffic.

For matters related to traffic safety, disaster prevention and control, people and businesses can use the number 0916.608.085.

As to matters associated with vehicle load control, people can call the number 0915.869.990.

The number 0917.908.085 is for matters related to traffic activities, driving license issuance and changing.

At present, the Vietnam Department for Roads is quickly reviewing and perfecting the legal corridor for the state management task on road traffic after the Vietnam General Department for Roads is divided into the Vietnam Department for Roads and the Vietnam Expressway Authority.

In October 2022, the Vietnam Department for Roads submitted to the Transport Ministry a circular to adjust and supplement other circulars in the aspects of transportation, vehicle and driver management, exploitation and maintenance of roads, toll plazas and road toll rates, specialized inspection of road transport.

Regarding the tasks of managing transportation, vehicles, drivers, the Vietnam Department for Roads has worked with the Transport Ministry, Vietnam Automobile Transportation Association (VATA), and related agencies to modify the software for the national population database. This will result in the ability to carry out level-4 public services for driving license renewal nationwide. The software to receive and manage data on the time and distance that people learn how to drive on road.