High school students invent robotic arm aimed to work in hazardous environment

Through AI’s image recognition and processing, high school students Nguyen Khoa Hung and Vo Ta Thanh Minh of Phu Bai High School, Huong Thuy Town, Thua Thien - Hue Province successfully built an automated robotic arm meant to perform various tasks in environments that are too dangerous for human workers.

The duo won second place at the national science competition for high school students in March 2022.

Nguyen Khoa Hung said they had tried to be innovative by combining old and modern technologies to create a whole robot arm that can be controlled remotely. This helps users avoid being worn down by too much equipment, enabling free movements for both the user and the arm itself.

The robotic arm works based on image recognition and wireless connection. It can be controlled remotely and operated in hazardous chemical labs, used in Covid-19 patient care, sewer cleanouts, and can assist the elderly to carry heavy objects.

According to Vo Ta Thanh Minh, there are still certain setbacks to the project. He and his friend would try to upgrade and improve it further in the near future.

The principal of Phu Bai High School hoped his students could get recognized by authorities and private businesses who could be their sponsors, give them access to sturdier materials so that the arm can be used in more scientific fields, and eventually get a patent for their invention so it can be effectively applied for practical use on a wider scale.

In recent years, Huong Thuy Town has been promoting creative activities in grade school students, encouraging them to become more passionate about scientific research.

According to local authorities, incentives for school students to take part in science projects have been going strong across our town. Their submissions are meticulously and carefully prepared, showing their great creativity.

To expand and improve incentive schemes for science among school students, besides support from the locality, it is necessary that the community and private businesses do their part in perfecting research, developing and commercializing products, creating motivation for children to nurture their dreams of becoming future inventors.