High school exam help program to give more practical support

Tiep Suc Mua Thi (Assistance during Exam Season) program, a program offering assistance to students during the three-day national high school examination which kicks off on June 24.
Volunteers are guiding candidates in previous year (Photo: SGGP)
Volunteers are guiding candidates in previous year (Photo: SGGP)
The program is organized by the Vietnam Student Association’s Ho Chi Minh City chapter and the city Student Assistance Center, with support from government agencies.
This year, the program will collect students’ precise information of demands to provide timely support.
Moreover, this year, the Vietnam Student Association announced to have more practical support to candidates and their relatives especially disadvantaged students.
Volunteers of the centers in districts will simultaneously set up stations to receive information of candidates’ demand of support.
A representative of the association said that the program will focus on helping needy candidates and those from natural disaster –hit regions, distant areas by informing cheap eateries, free motorbike taxi as well as paper work guidance.
The program last from May to July. Any candidates requiring support can register in the website http://hotro.tsmt.org or phone hot line 0523.75.75.75 - 0523.76.76.76.

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