HCMC increases Covid-19 prevention in Tet holidays

Deputy Chairman of the Ho Chi Minh City Duong Anh Duc requested to increase Covid-19 prevention as Tet holidays ( the Lunar New Year) are approaching.
People should don facemask in public places (Photo: SGGP)
People should don facemask in public places (Photo: SGGP)

In his urgent documents about implementation of the Prime Minister’s Directive 01 on strengthening Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control to heads of departments, agencies; chairpersons of People's Committees of districts, HCMC Deputy Chairman Duong Anh Duc asked to enhance prevention of the coronavirus pandemic during Tet holidays.

The document clearly stated that the Covid-19 epidemic has been developing complicatedly in the world at present, especially a new virus strain that can spread stronger than the SARS-CoV-2 virus in 38 countries.

Vietnam is still very high risk of the coronavirus pandemic, especially from people entering from epidemic -hit countries and uncontrolled illegal entry through trails. Additionally, people have still been practicing relaxed behaviors on the epidemic as they have not strictly implemented precautionary measures.

Pursuant to the Prime Minister's Directive No. 01 dated January 5, 2021 on strengthening the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee required heads of departments, sectors, units and chairpersons of people's committees in districts to maintain their determination in the battle of the disease for the safety of all residents in Tet Lunar New Year.

The city administration required to enhance inspection and strictly implement the safety guideline for disease prevention in organizations, residential areas, and public places at high risk such as supermarkets, railway stations, airports, schools, businesses, factories. Heads of departments and sectors will be held accountable if any violation occurs.

People are not allowed to gather in crowd as per the regulations especially in festivals. Organizers of gatherings must ask for permission from the authority and follow health agencies’ guidelines. People are advised to wear facemask in public places.

The city High Command and the municipal Department of Health should together continue managing the isolation of arrival of people from foreign countries to ensure that imported people are kept in centralized isolation for 14 days according to the governmental regulation. The two bodies must work relentlessly so that the epidemic will not spread in the quarantine area and from the quarantine area to the community.

Under the document, the Southern Airport Authority should instruct airlines to strictly comply with regulations on prevention and control of epidemics before, during and after flights which carry people from foreign countries. Besides, it must liaise with relevant agencies to ensure early detection and apply appropriate measures on infected patients who enter Vietnam by air.

The Department of Health should coordinate with local authorities and related agencies to strengthen the inspection and supervision of the strict implementation of regulations on centralized isolation and monitoring and management of home- quarantined patients. Moreover, the Department should continue to direct subordinate units to seriously implement the Ministry of Health’s guideline on strengthening prevention and control of the disease in the health sector during the Lunar New Year in 2021.

The city People's Committee directed its sub-agencies and sub-departments to strengthen inspection, detection and handling of illegal entry in each areas as well as assign tasks to police officers at the ward-commune level.

Furthermore, it started to launch  movements amongst residents in each residential quarters and mobilize the join-hands of organizations at the grassroots level. Each resident, each family was encouraged to report cases of illegal entry to local administrations.

District People's Committee directs agencies and units to strengthen inspection, detection and handling of illegal entry in the area; assign tasks to the regular police force at the ward and commune level, launch mass movements, mobilize the fronts and mass organizations at the grassroots level, propose each citizen, family, neighborhood residents actively detect and report cases of illegal entry.