HCMC government agencies widely use apps for admin reform, management

Lately, district authorities and agencies in Ho Chi Minh City are making wide use of IT applications in administrative reform and urban management. 

HCMC government agencies widely use apps for admin reform, management
Until now, there have been more than 3.4 million electronic documents among 753 offices being inter-operable and 21,600 emails being sent to related units and offices.
Speaking at the meeting to introduce architecture frame of e-government in HCMC, Deputy Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee Tran Vinh Tuyen said that during the period of 2018-2020, the city has been focusing on the connection between applications for serving enterprises and dwellers as well as implement public services on smartphones with higher interaction to facilitate users.
From 2020 to 2025, the city will gradually build the smart government based on the platforms of Big Data, open-sourced data, artificial intelligence, Cloud Computing, while making use of social networks to provide smart public services to residents and businesses.
Currently, transport businesses no longer come to the Department of Transport, waiting for their turn to submit the documents. All have been done electronically.
Owner of a transport business in District 4, Mr. Minh, said that since the Department has applied the app for submitting documents, enterprises have just logged in and filled the form and then sent it.
Moreover, businesses can follow how documents the Department have handled.
IT application in the Department has benefitted more than 5,500 operable transport businesses in 24 districts in the city. Time-saving productivity apps also help the Department and businesses to save cost.
Deputy Director of Transport Department Tran Quang Lam said that applications have facilitated businesses in sending transport contracts, reports of activities and scouring documents relating to transport activities.
Inversely, public servants can get quick access to businesses and tracking back data as per firms’ requirements relentlessly.
The health sector began using website apps last year. At first, its app “SYT.TPHCM” just provided database for treatment therapies and invitation for online meetings with hospital managers. Residents have been looking to public service speed on the app by entering their receipt number since October 1, 2018.
Before city dwellers had been delighted at the Department of Planning and Architecture’s announcement of its app. Thanks to the app, people especially in outlying districts can search for information of land zones and online registration.
The Department of Industry and Trade has prepared carefully its apps to launch in November, 2018. The Department has announced two apps simultaneously. The applications allow people not only to give comments on civil servants’ performance (iSCT) but also obtain information about promotion program (SaleNOW).
iSCT can help people search for administrative procedure, trade activities in the city and value people’s satisfaction to the Department’s administrative services; accordingly, it contribute to improving the public service quality.
Meanwhile the important feature of the apps, SaleNOW, is to provide updated real-time information of how many products are left in enterprises’ stock and the store to buy. Companies that register their business to the body can advertise their products and services on SaleNOW for free.
Along with these above-mentioned apps of the departments, district administrations also announced their apps to connect with residents. Specifically, Nha Be truc tuyen, Tan Binh truc tuyen and Binh Thanh truc tuyen are the three apps of three districts Nha Be, Tan Binh and BInh Thanh. Using these apps, people can write their comments on violations, look for information and send their opinions on public servants and services.
City residents had been unhappy with complicated administrative procedures, even there were humors saying that businesses and residents had to give a bribe for quick solution. With the apps, administrative procedures have been being cutting down a lot.
However, Deputy Chairman of People’s Committee Tran Vinh Tuyen said that websites are no longer suitable but apps on smartphones because most of people now are using a smartphone. Accordingly, smartphone apps should be designed soon, he added.

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