HCMC gifts gov’t headquarters to Hua Phan Province in Laos

On May 21, Le Hoang Quan, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City attended the inauguration ceremony of the government headquarters of Hua Phan Province in Sam Nua Town in Laos.

The government headquarters have been gifted to Hua Phan Province from the Party, government and people of HCMC. The building covers 3,000 square meters, has six floors, with one large meeting room that seats 200 people, three smaller meeting rooms with 50 seats, 90 offices and other smaller office rooms.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Mr. Khamhung Hungvongsi, Secretary of the Party Committee of Hua Phan Province expressed his pleasure at such a meaningful gift. He thanked with deep emotions the Party, government and people of HCMC. He added that the government headquarters will add to the economic development of the province.

According to Mr. Le Hoang Quan, the gift is a symbol of the close friendship between the two nations.

Mr. Le Hoang Quan hopes that the new government headquarters will contribute greatly to the economic development of the province and promote cooperation projects between the two nations. Mr. Quan affirmed that Vietnam always respects the close relationship between Vietnam and Laos.

On the same day, delegates from HCMC burned incense and laid a funeral wreath at the monument of Vietnamese military personnel and Lao heroic martyrs.

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