HCMC dwellers satisfied with simplified formalities for chip-based ID issuance

Police departments in Ho Chi Minh City have been implementing electronic chip-based ID cards to city dwellers; most of people are satisfied with simplified formalities.
Residents receive new chip-based ID cards in Binh Thanh District (Photo: SGGP)
Residents receive new chip-based ID cards in Binh Thanh District (Photo: SGGP)
On the way home from her office, Tran Thi My Hanh, a resident in ward 22 in Binh Thanh District , came over the headquarter of the administration police at 8 PM to make a new electronic chip-based ID card.
After she was undergoing a Covid-19 temperature check and filling a form attached with necessary papers including her Ho khau (certification of her legal permanent residence) and her old ID. Soon she was guided to finish other steps before receiving an appointment letter.
She said since police officers in the district have extended working hour, those who work in office hours have been facilitated in exchange for new IDs.
Similarly, resident Le Thi Mai Huong living in District 1 went to the police station in the district with her younger sister to exchange old ID cards for the new chip-based ones. She was excited because it took only 10 minutes to finish all procedures. Simplified procedures plus police officers’ good behavior have satisfied people. Additionally, people can register to receive new IDs through post office.
Due to increased demand of exchanging new electronic chip-based IDs, police officers in all districts citywide have extended working hours until evenings to help people; police officers in Go Vap District even work at nights and weekends to promote the issuance of new chip-based ID cards.
Police officers in Binh Thanh District followed suit when they work from 7.30 AM till 10 PM including Saturdays and Sundays. So far, Binh Thanh police have received more than 4,000 documents for the new chip-based ID cards issuing more than 600 e-chip-based ID cards to residents.
Police in District 1 said the implementation of the new chip-based ID cards began in the end of January, 2021 until now. The police stations have admitted 4,872 registration papers for the new chip-based ID cards meanwhile they have issued 1,313 cards to city dwellers. They receive registration papers to 8PM and work to 10 PM every weekday.
Apart from that, police officers will work till 11 PM at an apartment building at 10A Tran Nhat Duat in Tan Dinh Ward every weekday. Police encouraged those who have not had ID cards and those with recently expired IDs to apply for the new chip-based ID cards to receive the new ones first.
In District 8, police officers have implemented exchange of the new chip-based ID cards from March 1. Senior citizens and people with disabilities are top priorities; therefore, local administrators will have vehicles to pick up them to police locations to fill the forms.
Though most people have been satisfied with simplified formalities, some were concerned about long time issuance of the new chip-based ID cards after submitting registration papers because this will have impacts on their daily activities and transactions. For instance, a man in District 1 said that he submitted registration papers for the new chip-based ID card in the end of January, 2021 but he has just received the new one in early March, 2021.
This national ID card project will run synchronously with the national population database project, due to be launched in early 2021.

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