Hanoi faces widespread domestic water shortage

The People's Committee Office of Hanoi yesterday informed about tackling the critical issue of water scarcity in Thanh Ha urban area, Thanh Oai District and other areas in the city, affecting people’ lives and business activities.

Apart from the Thanh Ha urban area, residents in Trung Van Ward surrounding the University of Hanoi have been exposing extremely high water stress owing to the shortage of clean water shortages.

The main causes of widespread water shortage was due to a high demand from residents in addition to Trung Van Ward, where is located at the end section of the water distribution system managed by Viwaco Company.

Amid this critical issue, Viwaco Company has implemented many solutions to address the water shortage such as operating a pumping system to ensure water distribution from water source; alternating regulation; renovating water supply network, resilient water systems and institutions to reduce losses and calling for residents to use water effectively.

From mid-October until now, the quality of clean water in the Thanh Ha urban area is not guaranteed, leading to the shutdown of local water supply stations.

Thanh Ha urban area is the most water-stressed place in the capital city of Hanoi.

Thanh Ha urban area is the most water-stressed place in the capital city of Hanoi.

According to the People’s Committee of Hanoi, Thanh Ha urban area is the most water-stressed place because it is located at the end section of the surface water system of Duong River with a transmission pipeline of 40 kilometers far from the water supply factory.

For the long-term scenario with a water usage demand of about 27,500 meters cubic all day, the Thanh Ha urban area will be supplied water volume by 600,000 meters cubic and 300,000 meters cubic per day and night from the second phase of the Da River Surface Water Plant and the Xuan Mai Surface Water Plant.

In the current period, the Hanoi People's Committee continues to direct clean water businesses to maximally regulate the water supply source for the Thanh Ha urban area.

Besides, the capital city of Hanoi also allowed the Duong River Surface Water Company to replenish water resources to the downstream area being the southern districts of Hanoi city.

The People's Committee of Hanoi predicted that the demand for clean water in the city is likely to increase by five to ten percent depending on the time of the last months of 2023 and 2024.

In order to meet the demand for water usage in 2024, Hanoi City directed water supply units to review and improve water management, maintaining and maximizing the supply capacity of existing water sources from water plants and so on.

Duong River and Da River Clean Water Joint Stock Companies have prepared technical and legal solutions to operate and increase spare capacity of up to 20 percent of the average design capacity of each plant following separated period and technology standards.

Besides, it is essential to effectively exploit underground water resources to meet increased demand and so on.

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