Halloween concert to attract young people

A concert titled “Dance with the Ghost” will give an opportunity for young people immersed in the Halloween carnival at the Yard club in Hanoi on October 30-31.

The contemporary Ballet Gala will be performed by artists of the Vietnam National Opera and Ballet Theater and young singers.

The event also includes a carnival, culinary festival and other events.

There will be a free workshop led by professional artists of the Vietnam National Opera and Ballet Theater presenting contemporary dance.

“The Beginning” contemporary dance performance will draw up the ghost world in human heart. It is the language movement and interactive connection between man and the devil, between emotion and reality. In “The Beginning” people found the encounter, intersection, knowledge, wishful thinking and shattered feeling.

The emotions expressed in body language, combined with sound, music and light, make the totality of aestheticism. The music is performed live. Singers mingling with the crowd in the performance are expected to make audience laugh and cry with emotion experiences.

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