Government requires HCMC to handle problems of controversial apartment

Standing deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh has required HCMC People’s Committee to have solutions to handle problems relating to Topaz City apartment block according to the law.

Topaz City apartment block locates in Cao Lo street, District 8, handed over to dwellers since March last year.
Recently, dwellers have said the fire alarm system regularly makes fake fire alarms without repair and infrastructure has been left half done.
The investor has neither done procedures to give residents property ownership certificates nor organized any apartment block conference.
On November 3, dwellers hung out banners in the premise of the apartment block, asking the investor to meet them and talk to them about the above problems. As a result, a group of masked women suddenly appeared, using water, sandals, brick and stone to attack the dwellers, causing chaos, disorder and insecurity.

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