Forest coverage remains at 42.02 percent in 2023: MARD

Vietnam’s forest coverage was maintained at 42.02 percent in 2023, according to the latest announcement of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Illustrative image (Photo: SGGP)

Last year, Vietnam had 14,860,309 ha of forest area, of which 10,129,751 ha were natural forests and 4,730,557 ha planted ones.

Meanwhile, the total area of forests meeting standards for calculating the forest coverage was 13,927,122 ha, of which 10,129,751 ha were natural forests.

The north central and central coastal region had the largest forest area with 5,621,185 ha, and the largest forest coverage rate of 54.23 percent.

In the contrary, the Mekong Delta recorded the smallest forest area of 244,643 ha, equivalent to 5.4 percent.

Nghe An province reported the largest forest area with 1,018,788 ha, followed by Quang Nam with 681,156 ha, and Son La 676,890 ha.

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