Foreign business owners praised for caring for workers’ life

Of 34 good enterprise owners including five foreigners were lauded by the People’s Committee in Ho Chi Minh City at a meeting held by the city’s Labor Union yesterday.
City leaders praise business owners who take care of workers' life (Photo: SGGP)
City leaders praise business owners who take care of workers' life (Photo: SGGP)

The Labor Union organized a meeting “ Accompanying with enterprises in 2017” to award certificates of merit signed by the city People'Committee to 34 owners who follow labor regulations strictly, taking care of laborers’ life.

Of 34 people are five foreign owners including Kim Jin Woo, Kwon Do Ryun both Korean men, Japanese Akio Kawakubo, Malaysian Ooi Wee Tat and Indonesian Nicholas Lengkong. 

This month, the union’s highlight is accompanying with companies in the Worker Month showing the government’s appreciation to enterprises which take care of laborers’ life.

Praising 34 good businesspersons Deputy Chairman Le Thanh Liem noticed that even when enterprises are in difficult time, businesspersons paid more attention to laborers by providing good meals, supporting renting, fee for children’s education and increased bonus which enforce the good relationships between owners and employees.

At the meeting Mr. Liem also asked unions at all levels should accompany with enterprises to act as bridge between employers and employees aiming to help laborers understand enterprises’ difficulties and ensure the company’s production. 

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