Fish-catching contest draws tourists, locals to Ha Tinh

On August 8, Ha Tinh locals and tourists from across the country flocked to Thach Hung Commune, Ha Tinh City to join the fish-catching contest using traditional gears at Dam Lo Lake.

The contest is a traditional festival dated back to the 80s, but has been lost over time. In 2022, the Thach Hung Commune People’s Committee re-ignited the contest to promote their unique cultural values.

At the festival, participants used baskets, nets, hooves, or racquets to catch fish. When a big fish is caught, everyone would give a big cheer, making the festivity ever more lively.

Festival participants are only allowed to use simple fishing gear to show off their fishing skills. The use of drop nets, trawl nets, or drag nets is forbidden to ensure fairness and protect the environment.

At the end of the contest, those who caught the biggest fishes are presented gifts based on their rankings.

The festival is held to wish for favorable weather and good harvests. At the same time, it is meant to raise awareness in protecting the environment and preserving aquatic resources.