Final round of 14th Chuong Vang Vong Co singing contest kicked off

36 selected contestants who were chosen from 336 candidates will participate in the final round of the Cai Luong Singing Contest called Chuong Vang (Golden Bell) Vong Co 2019.
At the press conference of the contest
At the press conference of the contest
The competition will take place in Ho Chi Minh City from August 4-25. The jury will choose 9 most excellent candidates to compete the Golden Bell Award and Silver Bell Award in the final round on September 8, 15, 22 and 29 in the city.
Meritorious Artists Kim Tu Long, Phuong Loan and Que Tran will join the contest as coaches of the 14th edition. The jury members in the final night will be Meritorious Artists Minh Vuong, Hoa Ha and Thanh Tuan.
The annual Chuong Vang Vong Co Cai Luong Singing Contest is organized by Ho Chi Minh City Television. Besides discovering young talent, the annual competition also aims at keeping alive the tradition of Cai Luong and fostering a love for folk opera among young people.

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