Enchanting Da Lat: Early bloom of blue jacarandas

These days, tourists in Da Lat are captivated by the beauty of the blue jacaranda flowers, which have become an emblem of the City of Thousand Flowers. This year, influenced by El Nino, the flowers are blooming earlier than usual.


Upon reaching the end of Prenn Pass and descending onto 3 Thang 4 Street towards the city center, travelers are greeted by scattered blue jacaranda trees on both sides of the road, displaying their dreamy colors. Without needing to go far, a stroll along Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street leading to Da Lat Market offers visitors a visual delight, as mature blue jacaranda trees with wide-spreading branches provide refreshing shade. In the afternoon, while wandering around the area near the Water Pavilion, visitors have the chance to admire the blue jacaranda flowers casting their shadows onto Xuan Huong Lake.

However, the most enchanting sight remains within the grounds of Lam Dong Province Trade Union Hotel, situated beside Xuan Huong Lake, where two towering blue jacaranda trees are in full bloom. Adding to the allure is the hotel's splendid colonial villa, allowing visitors to behold both the villa and the blooming flowers on the trees, as well as the scattered blossoms on the grassy lawn. Many couples have come here to seek out the beautiful blue jacaranda spaces alongside the traditional longhouses of the Central Highlands.

Blue jacarandas flaunt their colors on 3 Thang 4 Street.
Blue jacarandas on the street leading to Da Lat Market
Blue jacarandas cast their shadows over Xuan Huong Lake.
Blue jacarandas embellish the ancient villa.
Blue jacaranda blossoms fall on the courtyard of the Trade Union Hotel.
Tourists enjoy the beautiful blue jacaranda space.
Visitors take photos with blue jacarandas.

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