District 3 determinedly maintains green areas, working force

District 3 of Ho Chi Minh City must call upon the cooperation of all residents to maintain its green Covid-19 safety area and working force in order for economy recovery, said Chairwoman of HCMC People’s Council Nguyen Thi Le in the district’s meeting to review Covid-19 prevention and control tasks yesterday.

Chairwoman of HCMC People’s Council Nguyen Thi Le is delivering her speech in the meeting. (Photo: SGGP)

In her speech, Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Le praised District 3 for its great efforts during 5 months fighting against Covid-19 to enter the ‘new normal status’ now, especially the devotion of 478 medical staff members and volunteers, over 3.500 police officers and soldiers of all 12 wards.

96 percent of District 3’s surface area is considered green or safe from the disease. Its vaccination coverage is 99.96 percent for the first dose and 73.4 percent for the second. At present, there are only 22 F0 cases in the district, with a very low death rate of 0.26 percent in the last 9 days. The medical facilities in the district is capable of treating mild F0 cases at home.

Social security tasks in District 3 are effectively carried out to ensure no case of hunger. 100 percent of poor people receive rice for their meals, while 93 percent of the third round financial support has been delivered.

The Chairwoman gave positive comments on innovative measures of District 3 in the Covid-19 fight, such as the model ‘Each family with an F0 is considered one mobile hospital bed, each neighborhood one department of Field Hospital No.06’, the mobile clinic model with temporary emergency beds, the first neighborhood checkpoint for green area in HCMC (in Ward 4), the liquid oxygen delivery station.

Chairman of District 3 People’s Committee Vo Van Duc is reporting the results of the Covid-19 fight in the district. (Photo: SGGP)

After September 30, District 3 introduced other practical measures like the ‘F0 management’ model, the ‘Green area monitoring’ app to help green businesses resume their operation, the contest ‘Each Family is One Green Spot’ from October 1 to December 31. These solutions have greatly raised the public’s awareness about Covid-19 prevention to ensure medical safety for the community.

Discussing the tasks for the upcoming time, Chairwoman Le stressed that District 3 should consider Covid-19 prevention or medical safety as the top priority to successfully recover its economy status.

The propaganda of Directive No.18 by HCMC People’s Committee about measures to control Covid-19 and resume economic activities must be carried out consistently throughout the district. All businesses and organizations approved to re-open must strictly obey this directive and obtain their own QR codes for workers, visitors or clients to scan.

The 5K rules must not be neglected, along with each individual having a valid QR code when traveling on streets. Proper methods to contact state units when in need must be popularized.

More importantly, at present, District 3 and HCMC in general must devise effective ways to maintain the number of green human sources via propaganda campaigns and social security programs.

The second focused task must be the adjustment for the Party member and localities member building process and for the budget revenue goal.

Thirdly, District 3 should check and finish the vaccination campaign to have all eligible residents injected with the second Covid-19 dose.

Meanwhile, all citizens must learn how to detect an infected case via common symptoms and timely inform the functional force for testing. “Medical units must not use Covid-19 antibody tests for wrong purposes to avoid unnecessary expenses or over-confidence among the community”, said the Chairwoman.

Simultaneously, District 3 is advised to effectively exploit technological advances in examining, treating, and monitoring F0 cases at home; to upgrade the capacity of the ward clinic staff; and to provide mobile clinics of each ward, especially crowded ones, with sufficient medical equipment and human resources.

Regarding social security maintenance, Chairwoman Le reminded the localities to continue distribute financial support to needy people in accordance with Resolution No.97 by the Standing Committee of HCMC People’s Council. This delivery must be transparent and precise. Particularly, poor pupils or children have just lost their parent(s) due to Covid-19 must be fully taken care of to maintain their school learning.

Lastly, the Chairwoman insisted on ensuring public security and fire safety throughout District 3 in the ‘new normal status’.

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