Delicacy “jumping squids” entice Ha Tinh visitors

Tourists visiting Ha Tinh province have been seeking delicious seafood at coastal floating eateries in Hai Phong village, Ky Loi commune, Ky Anh town. The most popular specialty here is Vung Ang’s “jumping squids”, or “sparkling squids”.

Fresh squids are caught by skilled locals during night fishing trips, kept alive in seawater onboard, then sold to the owners of floating seafood restaurants in Hai Phong village, Ky Loi commune, Ky Anh town, Ha Tinh province.

The squids are then kept in the owners’ aquaculture farms surrounded with nets. They are free to swim around as if living in their natural habitat.

When customers come for Vung Ang jumping squids, a long racket will be used to catch fresh squids from the netted area. The customers can choose how many squids they want. The squids are still jumping when put into containers. They are washed and made into tasty dishes at the customers’ request.

Although Vung Ang jumping squids can be pricey, ranging from VND600,000 to VND700,000 per kilo, sometimes up to VND800,000, tourists from everywhere still flood to floating restaurants in Hai Phong village to buy them. Sometimes they would reserve tables and order dishes in advance for fear of the squids running out of stock.

Mr. Chu Van Quang, Vice Chairman of Ky Loi Commune People’s Committee said the numbers of tourists have been rising more than previous years even before peak season. The numbers are expected to go even higher in upcoming days, especially during the April 30 and May 1 holiday.

Also according to Mr. Quang, besides jumping squids, Vung Ang also sells crabs, sea crabs, lobsters, shrimps and fish of all kinds for good prices. This is good news for floating restaurant owners after they had suffered financially due to Covid-19.