Council reviews list of nominations for amnesty in 2021

The Central Advisory Council on Amnesty (CACA) convened a meeting on August 23 to review the list of inmates nominated for amnesty on a case-by-case basis before it is submitted to President Nguyen Xuan Phuc for approval.
Council reviews list of nominations for amnesty in 2021 ảnh 1 At the meeting of the Central Advisory Council on Amnesty 
The meeting was presided over by Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh, who is chairman of the CACA.
The upcoming amnesty granting will be the first since the 2018 Law on Amnesty was adopted, Minh said, noting that the CACA carries a heavy responsibility in checking records and reviewing all amnesty applications and making sure that the amnesty will be granted to qualified prisoners and through a fair and transparent process.
The council must also work to make the amnesty plan go as scheduled and with Covid-19 prevention and control regulations taken into account, he added.
Deputy Minister of Public Security Le Quoc Hung, who is a CACA permanent member, said the Ministry of Public Security has organised training courses for officers responsible for the work while promptly reviewing amnesty applicants in a transparent manner to ensure their eligibility.
Law enforcement, district-level public security units and detention centres are making all possible efforts to implement the amnesty plan and advise local administrations to help freed prisoners reintegrate into the society and avoid relapse into crime.
Statistics showed that the State has conducted seven rounds of amnesty from 2009 to 2016, benefitting a total of 87,111 inmates. The rate of relapse into crime among amnesty beneficiaries was reportedly at 1.18 percent during the period.

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