Binh Dinh to excavate ancient Go Cay Me pottery kiln

The Department of Culture and Information of Binh Dinh Province has proposed the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism to grant an approval of excavating an ancient pottery kiln of the Champa culture.
The 400 sq.m site of Cay Me kiln located at Dai Binh Commune, in Nhon My Town, dating back to the era of the Vijaya royal dynasty in the 11th -15th century.
The exvacation aims to learn about ancient tools and ceramic production technology, Binh Dinh pottery products in the Vijaya royal dynasty.
Binh Dinh Museum has found he Cham ethnic group's ancient ceramic ovens along the river bank of Con in 1990, including Go Sanh, Cay Me and Truong Cuu pottery production centers in An Nhon town. Since then, local scientists have co-ordinated with international experts to excavate relic sites.

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