Be cautious about resuming international flights : Experts

Experts advised to take utmost caution about re-opening border crossings and resuming international flight amid ongoing worldwide pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19).


At the meeting (Photo: VGP)
At the meeting (Photo: VGP)
Experts  made the statement at a meeting with representatives of the World Health Organization and several international organizations about the coronavirus pandemic in the next time yesterday presided by Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam, health experts from WHO and other organizations. 
They said that with the current spread of the virus, nations should be cautious before making these decisions. Above all, countries should consider public reaction to the decision, a country’s health system, and the disease surveillance system.
Moreover, countries must maximize investment in health system to cope with outbreaks of coronavirus and dialogues between countries which have border crossings.
Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Dam stressed that Vietnam is ready to accompany with other countries in the world in the fight against Covid-19. Presently, the Southeast Asian country has been successful in making testing kits at cheap prices. He expected WHO and other international organizations to help Vietnam popularize the product with other countries in the battle against the fatal virus.
Moreover, Vietnam will mobilize resources to accelerate the progress of creating a Covid-19 vaccine, he said. The Covid-19 vaccine developed by Vietnam has shown positive testing results on animals, serving as an important foundation to progress and complete the vaccine.

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