76 percent people advocate exhaust emission test for motorcycles

According to a survey, more than 76 percent of people agreed that that Ho Chi Minh City would implement the project of checking exhaust emission for motorcycles to reduce environmental pollution from 2025-2030 with the total investment of VND553 billion (US$24 million).  

76 percent people advocate exhaust emission test for motorcycles

The HCMC Department of Transport said that in recent years, air pollution in the country, especially big cities has been getting worse with the high concentration of air pollutants due to direct emission sources from motor vehicles in general and motorbikes in particular being harmful for human health.

Pursuant to the result of the city's research program on exhaust emission test for motorcycle towards pilot control of motorbikes, there were around 7.4 million motorcycles in the city in September 2020, of which the number of over 10- year used motorbikes with emission exceeding current standards accounts for 67.89 percent.

As this reason, if motorbike emission is controlled well, the amount of harmful emissions into the environment will significantly reduce and the air quality in the city will be also drastically improved.

The HCMC Department of Transport informed that from now to 2025, the city will inspect and control over 5-year used vehicles, and then will control exhaust emissions of all vehicles after 2025. 

In the period of 2026-2030, the city will continue to raise the emission standard, expand areas in need of strict environment protection for to control the circulation of motorcycles.