2020 National Cheo Contest wraps up

The 2020 National Cheo (traditional northern-style opera) Contest searching for young talents ended in the northern province of Ha Nam on November 12.
2020 National Cheo Contest wraps up
10 gold medals went to artists, including Phung Thi Thanh Huyen, Phan Thi Kim Lien of Hanoi Cheo Theater; Tran Thi Le Thu, Nguyen Thi Thu Hien of Vietnam Cheo Theater; Dang Thi Quyen of Bac Giang Province’s Theater; Le Thi Hong Van of Thai Binh Province’s Cheo Theater; Nguyen Thi Tuyen of Ninh Binh Province’s Cheo Theater; Pham Van Hoa of Thanh Hoa Province’s Traditional Art Theater; Nguyen Thi Huyen of the Military Cheo Theater; and Le Thi Kim Cuc of Ha Nam Province’s Culture and Arts Center.
The organization board also awarded 18 silver medals, certficates of merit to promising artists and Vietnam Cheo Theater, Ninh Binh Province’s Cheo Theater for the stages’outstanding contribution in training young artists.
The 2020 National Cheo Contest opened on November 3 presented to audiences 57 plays which will be performed by 1 traditional theater troupes nationwide.
Cheo traditional opera originated from the Red River Delta area in the North of Vietnam. Cheo is a narrative genre of folk theatre, recounting historical, legendary and folk humorous stories through a combination of music, singing and dance.
2020 National Cheo Contest wraps up ảnh 1
2020 National Cheo Contest wraps up ảnh 2 A performance by Hanoi Cheo Theater
2020 National Cheo Contest wraps up ảnh 3 A performance by Vietnam Cheo Theater

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