Workers, engineers accelerating construction speed of key projects

Construction workers and engineers have been accelerating the construction speed of key projects to soon facilitate people’s travel.

Workers, engineers accelerating construction speed of key projects

Scores of key projects such as Ring Road 3, An Phu intersection, underpass at Nguyen Van Linh - Nguyen Huu Tho intersection, and the National Highway 50 expansion project have been underway construction throughout the Tet holiday ( the Lunar New Year).

During the Lunar New Year 2024, at the construction site of the Ring Road 3 project in Cu Chi and Hoc Mon districts, dozens of engineers and workers are working hard.

Engineer Tran Tuan Quang said that he feels a bit sad because he couldn’t reunite with his family members and relatives, but because the project is located right at the intersection, workers took advantage of the quiet Tet day to shorten construction time and reduce traffic congestion when people return to Ho Chi Minh City to work.

At the An Phu intersection project, more than 30 engineers and workers were rushing to drill, drive piles, and pour concrete while their peers at the underground tunnel area on Mai Chi Tho Street were working hard to shape the iron frames lining the tunnel floor, and batches of concrete are continuously poured down.

Similarly, at the Giong Ong To bridge construction project on Dong Van Cong Street, workers were operating machinery to dig and install large bridge steel frames to pour concrete.

At the construction site of the tunnel project at Nguyen Van Linh - Nguyen Huu Tho intersection, the working atmosphere is also very exciting, workers are actively constructing closed sections of the tunnel. Similarly, at the project to expand Highway 50 after the first asphalt carpet, ground leveling is underway. The representative of the T&T contractor working on Highway 50 said that on the Tet holiday, the unit mobilized all construction workers to speed up progress as possible.

Meanwhile, the road project connecting Tran Quoc Hoan and Cong Hoa with a length of 4.4km is also under construction throughout the Tet holiday. When the project is completed, the project will help connect traffic directly to terminal T3 of Tan Son Nhat Airport and reduce traffic congestion in Cong Hoa and Truong Chinh routes.

Nearby, the atmosphere at the large construction site of the passenger Terminal T3 construction project at Tan Son Nhat International Airport is always bustling. Every day, more than 1,400 workers, engineers and nearly 400 vehicles and equipment work urgently and relentlessly.

To complete the construction of the Ring Road 3 through Ho Chi Minh City, including the Thay Thuoc canal bridge on schedule, Director Luong Minh Phuc of the HCMC Transportation Works Construction Investment Project Management Board informed that 10 main construction and installation packages were simultaneously implemented with the total volume implemented during Tet holidays to about 12 percent.

More than 150 engineers and workers are working at the construction site of the bridge and tunnel understructure. Recently, the Management Board of Investment and Construction Projects of traffic works has regularly urged and directed contractors, supervision consultants and local administrations to ensure progress, Mr. Luong Minh Phuc said.

According to Mr. Luong Minh Phuc, up to now, 5 key transportation projects in Ho Chi Minh City have moved to a new phase, the synchronous construction phase of all construction and installation packages; therefore, to speed up disbursement and construction progress to soon in 2024, 2025 and 2026.

During inspections of projects before, during and after the Tet holiday, Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee Bui Xuan Cuong affirmed that the implementation of construction through Tet on a series of key traffic projects will solve traffic congestion as these locations usually see severe traffic jams. Therefore, the units speed up the progress as early as possible.

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