VNUHCMC - University of Science announces new research results

The Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City – University of Natural Sciences (UNS) has presented various new research results in its 11th scientific conference.

VNUHCMC - University of Science announces new research results

According to Professor Doctor Tran Linh Thuoc, in the past 2 years, the university has carried out 5 national scientific technological researches in the basic development program, 26 basic research projects sponsored by the National Foundation for Science and Technology Development (Nafosted), 73 national-university-wide projects, and more than 15 projects suggested by the Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) Department of Science and Technology and the localities.

The UNS has also conducted researches requested by various domestic and international businesses in different fields.

There have been over 360 professional articles published in international scientific journals and 200 articles in domestic ones.

It has successfully organized and chaired more than 27 scientific conferences as well as international seminars, welcoming over 112 delegations from universities, research institutes, companies worldwide. and connected with 62 prestigious universities and academies in the world.

The conference honored many new valuable researches of lecturers and students of the university.

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