VN-Index unsuccessfully makes reverse due to poor trading

The VN-Index suddenly rebounded in the afternoon trading session on October 20, but investors' caution made the index's attempt to change color unsuccessful in the ATC matching session.

Investors kept cautious most of the time in the trading session, with sellers outnumbered. Meanwhile, on the other side of the electric board, money holders carefully bought stocks at below reference price.

After 2 p.m., a series of pillar stocks received bottom-fishing demand. Thanks to this demand, the VN-Index easily reversed to increase before entering the last matching session.

However, this stock group's effort to keep the VN-Index in green could not be maintained in the last 15 minutes of the trading session when pillar stocks were sold out heavily. Therefore, the VN-Index slightly went down 1.62 points to close at 1,058.45 points.

Although it recorded a slight decrease of 0.15 percent, the HoSE was flooded in red, with 287 losers, of which 15 fell to the floor price.

In the opposite direction, there were only 131 winners, with only one hitting the ceiling, and 92 unchanged stocks.

Meanwhile, the VN30 clearly showed the status of the VN-Index with the balance between gainers and losers. Specifically, there were 14 gainers, 14 losers, and two unchanged stocks.

According to statistics, the most active stocks in the VN30 basket are all pillar stocks, such as GAS, MSN, FPT, VCB, and VNM. Although they could not help the VN-Index achieve a gain, this stock group cushioned the index's drop in a dull session.

The boredom is partly reflected in the poor cash flow into the market. In today’s trading session, less than 400 million shares were matched on the HoSE, equivalent to a trading value of VND8.39 trillion. According to statistics, the total trading value on all three exchanges reached less than VND9.26 trillion.

Similar to the previous session, two stock indexes of the Hanoi Stock Exchange continued to close mixed today when the HNX-Index decreased by 2.02 points, and the UPCoM-Index increased by 0.11 points.