VN-Index advances by 22 points

Vietnam’s stock market was quite active in the trading session on January 17, one of the last three trading sessions of the Year of the Tiger.
The green color dominates the market in the trading session on January 17.

The green color dominates the market in the trading session on January 17.

Especially, the strong cash flow poured heavily into banking, securities, steel, and public investment stocks, causing market liquidity to increase sharply.

The cash flow spread positively to the whole market, so the VN-Index fortified its winning momentum from the beginning to the end of the session. The market's navigator stock was securities stocks with strong gains. Particularly, VCI rallied by 6.2 percent; FTS rocketed by 6.6 percent; BSI jumped by 6.5 percent; VND soared by 6 percent; CTS climbed by 5.5 percent; SSI escalated by 5.2 percent; SHS surged by 5.5 percent; MBS strengthened by 5.6 percent. Banking stocks also maintained a good gain, with MBB up 4.9 percent, TPB up 4.5 percent, STB up 4.1 percent, and TCB up 3.2 percent.

Notably, steel stocks had a breakthrough, with HPG, HSG, NKG, and TLH hitting the ceiling, SMC increasing by 5.1 percent, and POM rising by 4.9 percent. Besides, many stocks of public investment group, real estate, and industrial zone real estate, such as HBC, TCD, CRI, TGG, DPG, NHA, DRH, and HHV, also hit the ceiling; DIG gained by 4 percent; DGC enhanced 4.3 percent; HDG added up 4.5 percent; CII won 5 percent; DXG emerged 5.8 percent; CEO mounted 5.7 percent; IDC enlarged 4.5 percent; HUT went up 5.4 percent.

Besides the above groups, the VN-Index surged robustly in the afternoon trading session with the contribution of large-cap stocks, such as VRE with an increase of 4.7 percent, GVR with 3.6 percent, VJC with 3 percent, and MSN and MWG with 2.7 percent.

Closing the session, the VN-Index gained 21.61 points, or 2.03 percent, to 1,088.29 points, with 352 winners, 69 losers, and 42 unchanged stocks.

On the Hanoi Stock Exchange, the HNX-Index also rallied 4.27 points, or 2.02 percent, to close at 215.15 points, with 128 advancers, 39 decliners, and 46 standstill stocks. Market liquidity exceeded VND12.8 trillion on two official exchanges. Foreign investors also net bought about VND818 billion.

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