Vinafood II starts trading on UPCoM

Vinafood II was officially started trading on unlisted public company market (UPCoM) and registered to list 114.8 million shares with the code VSF, yesterday.
Vinafood II starts trading on UPCoM

Reference price on the first trading day was VND 10,100 per share, yesterday.

In 2018, Vinafood II said it plans to speed up trade promotion program to food products, exploit large-scale trade markets such as China and Africa.

Vinafood II’s representative affirmed this year sees its strong demand for exports.

As per plan, Vinafood II will try the diversification of rice export markets, not to depend on the existing ones.

It targets to reach post-tax revenue of VND 5,127 million and dividend payout ratio at 1.9 percent.

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