Vietnam’s National Day marked abroad

The Overseas Vietnamese Association in Cambodia’s Phnom Penh held a ceremony to mark the 66th anniversary of Vietnam’s National Day Sept. 2 on August 30.

The Overseas Vietnamese Association in Cambodia’s Phnom Penh held a ceremony to mark the 66th anniversary of Vietnam’s National Day Sept. 2 on August 30.

Vietnamese charge d’affaires Lai Xuan Chien praised the overseas Vietnamese in Cambodia for their great contributions to Vietnam’s revolution through many periods.

He said overseas Vietnamese should strictly abide by Cambodia’s law and respect its traditions and customs in further integrating into the local society, helping foster the friendship and solidarity between the two countries.

President of the association Tran Van Toi expressed belief in the Party and State’s consistent policy that considered the Vietnamese community abroad an inseparable part of the Vietnamese nation.

On the same day, the Vietnamese Consulate General in Sydney held a ceremony to mark the 66th anniversary of the August Revolution and National Day.

At the event, John Kaye, Greens member of the New South Wales Legislative Council, spoke highly of Vietnam’s achievements and the development of the relationship between the two countries as well as contributions made by the Vietnamese community in New South Wales , the most populous state in Australia .

Vietnamese people in Australia now numbered 300,000 (including those with Vietnamese ancestry), with half of them living and working in New South Wales.

For the same purpose, the Vietnamese People’s Association in Bangkok held a get-together and a music programme on August 29.

Addressing the event, head of the association Nguyen Ngoc Anh reviewed the time Uncle Ho stayed and operated in Thailand during his journey to seek ways to liberate the nation.

He affirmed that his association would continue upholding the traditions of solidarity for the sake of Vietnamese people in Thailand and to act as a bridge in the two countries’ friendly neighbouring relations.

Also on August 29, the Vietnamese Embassy in Sri Lanka held a ceremony in the capital city, Colombo to mark Vietnam’s National Day Sept. 2.

Speaking at the event, Vietnamese Ambassador to Sri Lanka Ton Sinh Thanh highlighted the historical significance of Sept. 2, 1945 for Vietnamese people and reviewed Vietnam’s economic achievements, hunger eradication and poverty reduction and international integration.

The diplomat spoke highly of the development of Vietnam-Sri Lanka relations over past years.

He said he believed that the reopening of Vietnam’s representative office in Colombo would contribute to promoting the fine traditional friendship between the countries.

On August 25, the Vietnamese Embassy in Bangladesh held a banquet in the capital city of Dacca to mark one of the nation’s most important events.

Attending the banquet, Bangladeshi Minister of Industry Dilip Barua said that the government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had paid attention to boosting and expanding the traditional friendship and close cooperation between Bangladesh and Vietnam.

He said he wished that the two sides would make more efforts to diversify cooperation and increase trade, deepening bilateral ties for the interests of the two countries’ people.

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