Vietnam’s largest garbage collection campaign to come back

The campaign ‘Clean Up Vietnam’, with the motte ‘Pick Up Rubbish – Reach Out Global’, is held for the fifth time with expanding scale and number of participants.

The campaign is estimated to begin simultaneously on June 4 at 150 stations in 63 provinces and cities nationwide, including 10-15 islands, as well as 20-30 international stations. It is expected that the event will have 30,000 registered volunteers.

‘Clean Up Vietnam’ this year welcomes the participation of several sponsors, media and environmental ambassadors such as singers Tien Manh and Phuong Thanh, MC Manh Cuong, Hanna Giang Anh, Trung Thao Mai.

In the fourth event held in December 2022 at 102 national stations and 12 international stations (in Japan, the Republic of Korea, the US, Thailand), the campaign attracted over 16,000 volunteers. They were able to collect 186.5 tonnes of garbage in total.

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