Vietnamese water resource facing great challenges

The Resource – Environment Communications Center (under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment) has informed that the domestic water resource is facing several serious challenges.

Accordingly, nearly 2/3 of the water volume in Vietnamese river systems is formed from outside of the territory (accounting for 63 percent). Only around 310-315 billion cubic meters of water per year is formed inside Vietnam. Meanwhile, the mechanism and policy for cooperation and water sharing among nations are not truly effective.

In addition, the pollution, degradation, and depletion of the water resource is worse, not to mention serious impacts of climate change to this resource. Natural disasters, droughts, flooding, storms, saltwater intrusion, sea level rise have increased both in severity and scope.

While the demand on water for socio-economic growth is rising non-stop, investment resources in the country for the management and protection of this precious resource do not meet that demand at all.