Vietnamese Southerners power through flood homeward

On October 08, a 7-minute video surfaced on Vietnamese social media showing a large group of people getting caught in a flood trying to get back to their hometown in the Central and Northern regions on motorbikes.
It took several grown men just to push one bike against the rapid currents.
Lt. Col. Nguyen Hong Son, Captain of Team 2 Traffic Police under the Quang Nam Road and Railway, said the video had been recorded by a volunteer at Thanh My town of Nam Giang District, Quang Nam Province.
At midnight of October 08, a group of about 400 people on 200 motorbikes were traveling from southern areas back to their hometown. At the 68 kilometer stone in Thanh My town, they were stopped in their tracks by the strong flood currents.
Traffic police of Quang Nam and a volunteer group from Da Nang immediately helped push the motorbikes through. The ones damaged by the water were repaired by the volunteers so that people could continue their homeward journey.
Tran Hoang Vuong, a member of Pickup Danang Club who filmed the video, said he drove from Da Nang to Lo Xo pass with 23 other pickups and 3 cargo trucks to help the flood-bound people. The pickup trucks were used to transport the people whose motorbikes were damaged as well as mothers of small children.
On the same day, 3 people stranded in the flood near Suoi 1 spillway in Cam Tuyen commune, Cam Lo district, Quang Tri province were successfully rescued by the Quang Tri Police Dept. for Fire Prevention and Rescue.
Previously around 7 a.m. on October 07, the three had shared a car ride into a construction site in Tria village, Huong Hoa district. As the rain grew heavier, spring water quickly rose and left the men stranded for over 15 hours.

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