Vietnamese rescuers make safe plans to approach Panama-flagged ship

The Vung Tau Port Authority worked with the Police of Fire Prevention and Fighting and Rescue under the Ba Ria - Vung Tau Provincial Police Department to discuss the solution to handle the fire for the Panama-flagged AH SHIN ship.

Previously, at the night of February 4, the Vung Tau Port Authority had received information that the cargo ship carrying 4,530 different cars, 1,356 tons of FO oil and 82 tons of DO oil from the Republic of Korea to Singapore suddenly caught fire and moved to the seaport of Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province for extinguishing.

There were 21 Russian crew members on board at that time. They used 50 tons of CO2 to control the blazes and closed all doors to prevent oxygen to emit inside.

By the morning of February 6, according to the observation from the outside, the functional forces said that no more smoke was seen on the floors of the ship.

However, the functional forces are calculating and making safe plans to approach the ship amid a lot of toxic gas suspected inside the ship.

According to the Vung Tau Port Authority, the ship is currently located about 25 nautical miles far from the cape of Vung Tau.