Vietnamese directors take awards at Busan film festival

The 23rd Asian Project Market (APM) that took place from October 26-28 at the Busan International Film Festival 2020 revealed the award winners, including Vietnamese directors Tran Thanh Huy and Le Binh Giang.
A scene in the film , "Rom" (Tick It) by Tran Thanh Huy
A scene in the film , "Rom" (Tick It) by Tran Thanh Huy
Tran Thanh Huy got the CJ Entertainment Award with a grant of US$10,000USD for the film. “Rom” (Tick It) while Le Binh Giang received a EUR 6,000 grant grant for the ArteKino International Prize for the project, “Who Created Human Beings”.
Other awardees included Nowhere To Hide Ⅱ directed by Lee Myungse and Commodity directed by Kislay, which was recognized as a highly-anticipated film project of artistic quality.
Director Tran Thanh Huy won the “New Current” prize at the 2019 International Busan Film Festival for the movie, “Rom”. The film had a box office record of VND55 billion (US$ 2.3 million) after its premiere in the country within 10 days since September 25.
This year’s APM attracted 193 professionals from 36 countries with 461 online business meetings. Although the number of selected projects decreased from that of the previous year’s to 21 projects, the event consolidates its position as the largest investment and co-production market in Asia with a high rate of business meeting arranged per project despite entirely virtual events. Many projects by directors who have made great achievements at the Busan International Film Festival also took part in the competition.

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