Vietnam Traffic Safety Initiative 2023: Contest results

On the evening of October 11, the Traffic Police Department under the Ministry of Public Security collaborated with the Dan Tri Newspaper and Toyota Vietnam Company to host the award ceremony for the Vietnam Traffic Safety Initiative 2023.
The organizing committee presents awards to the group of authors who clinched the first prize.

The organizing committee presents awards to the group of authors who clinched the first prize.

As reported by the Organizing Committee, the competition this year garnered 1,200 entries, marking an over fivefold increase compared to the 2022 competition. The submitted ideas and solutions prioritize boosting awareness of legal compliance, enhancing infrastructure, and leveraging information technology to improve traffic safety.

As a result, the HAC research team of the Construction Investment Project Management Board under the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism secured the First Prize with their project "Transforming Flood Basins/Park Lakes into Versatile and Sustainable Lakes in Vietnam." This innovative solution is geared toward enhancing transportation infrastructure, expanding parking facilities, mitigating traffic congestion, and fostering socio-economic development, thereby improving the quality of life for residents.

Four Second Prizes were presented to the following projects: Designing support pillars to facilitate mobile traffic management at intersections; The "Don't drink and drive" keychain; The solution for enhancing students' traffic safety awareness through E-learning games; The application of artificial intelligence for traffic control and detecting driving against traffic.

Five Third Prizes were given to the following projects: The application for automatically reporting a motorcycle's location in case of an accident via SMS on the Android operating system; The sensor device designed to detect individuals in the blind spots of large trucks; The unmanned aerial vehicle for monitoring traffic and ensuring road and rail safety; The solution to improve the effectiveness of traffic warnings at intersections with traffic signals in urban areas; Penalties by educational measures and rewards.

At the award ceremony, Major General Le Xuan Duc, Deputy Director of the Traffic Police Department, announced that in the coming time, the Traffic Police Department will collaborate with relevant units to select and realize the prize-winning initiatives that are highly feasible in practice.

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