Vietnam to add birthplace to new passport form from September 15

Spokesperson of the Public Security Ministry To An Xo yesterday announced that his Ministry has instructed the Vietnam Immigration Department to add information on the holder’s birthplace in the notes section of Vietnam’s new form of ordinary passport from September 15.

The new ordinary passport form of Vietnam. (Photo: SGGP)

Spokesperson To An Xo shared that the Public Security Ministry has already sent a formal dispatch to request all Vietnamese representative agencies abroad authorized to issue passport to Vietnamese citizens to also add ‘birthplace’ to the notes section of the new ordinary passport form.

Simultaneously, the Public Security Ministry will report to the Government and the Standing Committee of the National Assembly for a resolution on supplementing ‘birthplace’ in the personal information field of all Vietnam’s new passport forms.

Before this, the new form of Vietnamese ordinary passport, which is issued to Vietnamese citizens from July 1, 2022 is refused by certain European countries due to a lack of birthplace information. Right after that, the Consular Department (under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) held several working sessions with the Embassies of corresponding nations to solve this technical issue.

Representatives of the Consular Department and the Immigration Department have declared their immediate solution to the issue. They will add the birthplace information in the notes section of the new passport form when being requested by passport holders.

The two Departments also asked for cooperation between Vietnam and related countries to tackle this issue so that Vietnamese citizens can receive necessary visa as soon as possible.