Vietnam takes heed to Macadamia nut

Lately, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has liaised with the Vietnam Macadamia Association (VMA) on the prospect of the new agricultural produces.
Former President Truong Tan Sang visits a macadamia farm in the highland province of Lam Dong  (Photo: SGGP)
Former President Truong Tan Sang visits a macadamia farm in the highland province of Lam Dong (Photo: SGGP)
Agriculture and Rural Development Minister Nguyen Xuan Cuong said it needs to make hay while the sun shines to create processing chains to provide for local markets and for export.

Through ten years planted in Vietnam, the tree is proper in the highlands and the northwest region in Vietnam. Currently, total 44,000 tons of the nut are consumed globally, accounting for 1 percent of the consumption of all nuts.

Experts said in the future, macadamia industry will have stable development with the growth of 5 percent for long and medium terms. Value of the nut is on upward trend in the world as people’s income is improved and the nut is proved be good for people’s health.

Professor Hoang Hoe said that farmers can harvest 1 kg a tree after three-year planting and it will be 10 kg, 20kg, 30 kg a tree after seven-year, 10-year and 13-year planting respectively.

With present price of VND100,000 per kg, farmers will earn VND10 million  yearly per hectare with 100 trees in addition to income from coffee when they planted coffee and macadamia in one hectare.

Turnover of the tree will increase gradually. For instance, revenue of the seventh years will be VND100 million ($4,398) per hectare a year and it doubles and three folds in the tenth year and in the thirteen year while cost of investment is just 10 percent of the revenue.

Through VMA’s survey basing on the supplied seeds to farmers in 2016, the country will plant 1.4 macadamia tree in over 3,500 hectare. Many farmers planted the tree and coffee in the same land and have good harvest.

At present, some factories buy the nut for local demand and for export at price of VND100-200,000 per kg, higher than in the world because the supply can’t meet the excessing demand.

To back farmers, VMA transferred technology and promoted commercial deals with partners as well as sought to build close chains for farm produce to raise supply and attract capital sources.

Additionally, VMA organized groups of farmers to go abroad for learning how to plant and process products as well as invite 80 experts from macadamia association in the nations for consultations.  
CEO Australian Macadamia Society Jolyon Burnett highly lauded VMA for its technology guidance and facilitation of bank loan. He stressed that with such moves, Vietnam will exceed the other nations.

General Secretary of  VMA Huynh Ngoc Huy said that in its plan, VMA will plant 30 million macadamia trees in the Southeast Asian country within the next ten years producing 350,000-400,000 tons earning around $1 billion. It will build 38 state-of-the-art processing factories in the highlands and the northwest region in Vietnam.  

VMA in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to make a plan for development and techniques of planting, harvesting, preserving and processing.

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