Vietnam calls for UN’s poverty reduction support

Vietnam has called on the United Nations to assist the country in poverty reduction via resources supply, policy consultation and offering linkage with international financial institutions.
A United Nations' meeting (Source: UN)
A United Nations' meeting (Source: UN)
A representative of the Vietnamese Mission to the UN made the call at the meeting of the UN General Assembly’s Economic and Financial Committee (Second Committee) held last week.
The Vietnamese side highlighted achievements and challenges in poverty reduction, including economic restructuring, seeking sustainable development models, mitigating impacts of climate change, and dealing with social inequality, especially vulnerable groups such as ethnic minorities and those living in remote and mountainous areas.
Participants shared the view that poverty elimination is the most inclusive and decisive goal among other Sustainable Development Goals.
They underscored the need to devise a proper development strategy on economic-social-environment pillars, as well as design social policies to ensure welfare, provide basic public services and promote gender equality.
They called attention to strengthening developed countries’ resources support to developing ones via technological transfer.

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