Vegetation, garbage burning complicates in Lam Dong

According to reflections sent to Sai Gon Giai Phong (SGGP) Newspaper, the situation of burning vegetation and garbage in the forest has been complicated without control in recent weeks.

Previously, Lam Dong Provincial People's Committee had directed to immediately stop handling vegetation during the dry season 2022-2023 in the whole province.

Still, black smoke and dust from vegetation fires are seen every day and tend to increase in areas far from the city center such as Tuyen Lam lake area, Ta Nung pass and the communes of Xuan Tho, Xuan Truong and Tram Hanh.

The columns of smoke having an altitude of tens of meters were seen from vegetation fires, and blown into the central area, obstructing visibility and causing air pollution.

Amid the current situation, the People's Committee of Da Lat City has just directed the prevention of vegetation fires at the Cam Ly landfill in Ward 5 as well as hazards to properties, lives of people and environmental pollution.

Previously, a huge fire occurred in the closed landfill of Cam Ly which is about five kilometers far from Da Lat City. The fire spread smoke and dust particles to the city center, affecting people's daily life.

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