Travel & Tourism Summit 2018 seeks development measures

The Travel and Tourism Summit 2018 kicked off yesterday in Hanoi to seek measures and launch strategies for the tourism sector’s re-structuring and sustainable development by 2030.

Travel & Tourism Summit 2018 seeks development measures

Held by the National Private Economic Development Research Board in coordination with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Vietnam Tourism Advisory Board (TAB), and the Tourism Association; the event was part of Vietnam Economic Forum directed by the Prime Minister and chairman of the PM's Board of Private Economic Development Research. The forum aims to discuss key issues and strategy regarding Vietnam's macro-economy.

Vietnam’s tourism sector has lately made great strides with 30 percent increase in international visitor number and construction of resorts, amusement parks meeting world standard.

However, the sector, considered as the country’s key industry, is facing challenges when Vietnam is moving towards digital economy. Accordingly, the summit was aimed to find restructuring measures with the orientation of sustainable development.

The two-day event drew participation of nearly 1,500 delegates including CEOs from world corporations, local and foreign experts in the field and approximately 1,000 travel firms. Participants discussed how to solve the country’s core problems in tourism sector including improving infrastructure and creating specific tourism products.

Moreover, human resource training was raised at the event. Furthermore, delegates mentioned to improving management capability, attracting investment in the sector, enhancing competitiveness and increasing tourism promotion activities in worldwide countries.

The summit’s goal is also to raise its contribution to GDP from 7.5 percent in 2017 to 12 percent in 2022, create an extra of three million direct jobs and 2.5 million indirect employment and attract investment from local and international investors to improve its competitiveness.

This year's summit is expected to achieve 20 investment contracts worth $2 billion.