Transport Ministry supports planning of Hon Quan specialized airport

The Ministry of Transport yesterday delivered its response to Binh Phuoc Province’s proposal on the approval of the planning of Hon Quan specialized airport.

Accordingly, the Transport Ministry greenlighted the planning of Binh Phuoc Province for Hon Quan specialized airport (formerly known as Tec-nich Airport) to serve both national security and socio-economic development purposes.

However, in compliance with applicable regulations on conditions and procedures to open or close a specialized airport, it is the Minister of National Defense who has the authority to make the final decision on the location of such an airport.

Therefore, the Transport Ministry suggested that Binh Phuoc Province People’s Committee proceed to work with the National Defense Ministry to complete necessary procedures for approving the planned site. The Transport Ministry is going to collaborate with the National Defense and related agencies to accelerate this process.

Before this, in the master planning for national defense land in combination with socio-economic growth of the country in the 2011-2020, 300-hectare Hon Quan Airport belongs to a critical area under the management of Military Zone No.7, saved especially for national defense.

In January 2021, under the direction of the Prime Minister, Binh Phuoc Province People’s Committee conducted a survey on this airport to make a proposal to both ministries of National Defense and Transport for the planning process.

At the end of 2022, the National Defense Ministry agreed with this planning proposal. In order to decide a location for Hon Quan specialized airport, the local authorities and related agencies need to follow regulations in Decree No.42/2016/ND-CP by the Government on conditions and procedures to open or close a specialized airport.

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