Traffic police to check vehicle documents via VNEID from July

From July 1, traffic police nationwide will apply the new method of checking documents of vehicle owners via the VNEID app of the Ministry of Public Security.

Representative of the Traffic Police Department under the ministry yesterday said that the Ministry of Public Security had issued Circular No.28 on amendments to several Articles of Circular No.32 regulating the Traffic Police's duties, power, forms, content and procedures of patrolling, controlling and handling administrative violations on road traffic and Circular No.24 regulating the procedures for issuance and revocation of vehicle registration and license plates.

Accordingly, the documents and papers consisting of driver's license, vehicle registration or certified copy of vehicle registration with an original valid receipt from the credit institution which hold the original vehicle registration, inspection certificate, technical safety and environmental protection inspection stamp, confirmation of the validity period of the inspection certificate and inspection stamp, compulsory insurance certificate for the civil liability of motorbike owners and so on.

Once these are integrated, traffic police can check and control information through the app.

Checking the information of vehicle owners' electronic identification card and electronic identification accounts on VNEID is as valid as checking physical documents.

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