Traffic Police Department introduces traffic de-congestion plan in Hanoi, HCMC

The Traffic Police Department has just introduced the traffic de-congestion plan in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to ensure traffic order and safety.
The implementation plan is carried out from October 25, 2022, to January 25, 2023. In particular, from October 25 to October 31, traffic police officers focused on propagating and reminding traffic participants to obey the regulations on ensuring traffic safety.
Accordingly, traffic policemen will use professional equipment to film and record traffic violations that are the main cause of traffic jams as a basis for throwing a book on violators.
In Ho Chi Minh City, the Traffic Police Department, in coordination with the city Traffic Police and their peers in neighboring localities will conduct a study on traffic order and safety in roads and areas, complex locations, and traffic jams-vulnerable paths.
Moreover, they will use road traffic accident data for high-risk locations (hotspots) identification as well as analyze and evaluate the volume of vehicles on roads for proactive implementation of appropriate solutions to prevent and deal with traffic jams.
When congestion occurs, traffic wardens will control traffic and appropriately route the traffic. If congestion takes place on a large scale, it will be announced on the traffic channels of the Voice of Vietnam and the Voice of the People's Radio of Ho Chi Minh City.
Traffic policemen will drive special motorbikes to maneuver in locations at risk of traffic accidents leading to traffic jams.

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