Traffic law violators to pay fines by way of ‘stamps’

In an initiative aimed at simplifying the procedures for paying traffic fines and to curb corruption among the police, Vietnam Auto Transportation Association (VATA) has proposed that relevant agencies issue a special kind of ‘stamp’.

With these stamps, traffic violators will not have to go pay their fines at State Treasuries. Instead, they will be able to pay their fine by using stamps with face values equivalent to the fine.


The association chairperson Nguyen Manh Hung explained that at present, traffic police seize the vehicle documents and the licenses of the drivers who break the traffic rules. To have their papers and licenses returned to them, motorists need to attend State Treasure branches near to the location where they traffic violation took place. Then go to the local police station to have their documents returned. This procedure takes a long time and is expensive for those drivers who live far away from the traffic incident.


Mr. Hung said that by using this kind of special stamp, it might be a better solution for all concerned.


VATA suggested that the stamps have a face value of VND50,000, VND100,000, VND500,000, which is equivalent to the fixed traffic fines.


The stamps will be sold at post offices and drivers can buy stamps and keep them in their wallet for further use. When they are fined, they simply pay the fine by using the stamps. Traffic police officers, therefore, do not have to keep the driver’s documents and drivers do not need to attend any State Treasury Branches.  Only in very serious cases, will police officers confiscate a driver’s license.

Mr. Hung said, due to this method, police corruption would be controlled while unnecessary costs for paying fines restricted. He also said that paying a traffic fine is a long and costly procedure, and drivers often bribe police officers, so that their documents are returned immediately.


At present, local governments collect traffic fines. Hung suggested that the state would issue the stamps and then distribute the earnings to various the provinces and cities around Vietnam . Mr. Hung said, “I’ve heard that in some places traffic police are assigned to collect a certain amount of traffic fines. This may urge them to impose fines on drivers and fulfill their assignment”.



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