Traffic camera system on National Way No.51 formally launched

The Public Security Department of Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province yesterday held an opening ceremony for the project ‘Smart Traffic System – Automatic Traffic Monitoring via Camera System in Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province Stage 1”.

The project has a total investment amount of over VND134 billion (approx. US$5.8 million). In the first phase from 2019-2021, the province uses VND80 billion ($3.5 million) to install 89 monitoring cameras on National Way No.51. The second phase from 2021-2023 will be the time to set up cameras on National Ways No.55 and 56.

At the moment, on National Way No.51 (the part from My Xuan Industrial Park in Phu My Town to Ward 12 of Vung Tau City), there are 6 speed monitoring cameras, 8 security monitoring cameras, and over 70 observing cameras to record popular law breaking activities like lane encroachment, illegal parking, traffic light disobedience.

These cameras can monitor 6 street lanes simultaneously and measure vehicle speed up to 300km/h. They can capture the license plates of violating vehicles during the day as well as at night, regardless of weather conditions.

Those images are then used for immediate on-site fines or for sending a traffic ticket to law breakers’ places. The fine can thereafter be collected at post offices.

Statistics reveal that in the piloting time, the camera system on National Way No.51 recorded 2,000 cases of law violation.

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