Thirteen rubber tyre walls built in Lo Xo mountain pass to prevent accidents

To prevent traffic accidents in Lo Xo mountain pass, thirteen rubber tyre walls have been built in steep drop-offs and tight curves in the mountain pass.

Tyre wall in Lo Xo Mountain Pass ( Photo: SGGP)
Tyre wall in Lo Xo Mountain Pass ( Photo: SGGP)
The department of road management in the central highlands province of Kon Tum yesterday said that it continued building more such wall in the mountain pass.
Total 1,126m -meter rubber tyre walls are scheduled to be built in steep curves in the mountain pass through Kon Tum province and the central province of Quang Nam.
Tyres were filled with sand before being put in steel stakes buried underground.
Cost of these special walls is VND4.5 billion ($193,883) to curb traffic accidents. Building the walls has taken place from October, 2018 and 11 over 13 with the length of 800 meters.
The mountain pass has the length of tens of kilometers with many steep drop-offs, tight curves and rough and dangerous terrain.
From January, 2005 to June, 2018, 192 traffic accidents occurred in the mountain pass killing 65 people and injuring 333 others. The latest accident happened in June, 2018 resulting in three deaths and injuries of tens of people.

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