Thanh Hoa province damaged seriously due to heavy rains, floods ​

The central province of Thanh Hoa Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention, Rescue and Control said prolonged heavy rains which hit the province yesterday killed seven people and left 3 others missing in Muong Lat and Cam Thuy districts.

Besides, 208 houses were destroyed completely; 146 houses were effected by landslides; 11,791 houses flooded and six schools were also damaged by landslides. Some 425 hectares of rice crop were damaged and over 1,350 hectares of rice flooded.

Five bridges were collapsed and swept away while landslides had interrupted traffic in some areas of the provincial routes.

Yesterday also, floodwater upper stream in Ma River and other rivers was reported to reduce slightly but still remained at high level.

Muong Lat district People’s Committee continued searching for the four missing while Cam Thuy district People’s Committee mobilized forces to search for the missing and repair the worst landslide locations.

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