Students majoring in healthcare eligible for 100 percent tuition fee waivers

Students majoring in healthcare are eligible for 100 percent tuition fee waivers from January 1, 2024.

Students majoring in healthcare receive Nguyen Van Huong scholarship

Under the 2023 Law on Medical Examination and Treatment which replaces the 2009 Law on Medical Examination and Treatment takes effect from January 1, 2024, students of healthcare majors will be exempted from tuition for the entire course and receive support for daily activities.

Specifically, according to the Article 105 on training and fostering practitioners, the law requires medical facilities to organize and create conditions for practitioners to participate in training and update medical knowledge and continuous training in technical expertise and professional ethics.

Regarding the scholarship policy, the state will grant scholarships to encourage students majoring in psychiatry, pathology, forensic medicine, forensic psychiatry, infectious diseases and emergency resuscitation with good academic performance who are qualified for scholarships at training institutions in the health sector.

Students studying the above majors at state training institutions are eligible for full tuition exemption and living expense support throughout the course. To their peers at private training establishments, the state will also support tuition fees and living expenses for students of the above majors throughout the entire course. The support of tuition fees and living expenses will be equal to scholarships.

Thus, more students pursuing psychiatry, infectious disease and emergency resuscitation majors are eligible for a 100 percent tuition exemption from 2024.

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