Stock market booms, numerous real estate stocks hit limit up

Bottom-fishing cash flow and buying demand at high prices have driven a sharp market surge, with the VN-Index surpassing 1,200 points after a nearly 30-point increase.


In the stock market trading session on April 24, Vietnam’s benchmark skyrocketed as domestic investors engaged in bottom-fishing despite continued net selling of VND244 billion by foreign investors on the HOSE. The widespread cash flow has led to overall market consensus in the upward trend.

The real estate stock group saw the most substantial gains, with several stocks hitting the ceiling prices, including TCH, DIG, DXG, NLG, and PDR. Additionally, NVL enlarged by 4.82 percent, KBC escalated by 4.42 percent, VCG strengthened by 3.84 percent, CTD rallied by 3.97 percent, BCM grew by 3.56 percent, HHV climbed by 4.08 percent, KDH surged by 3.29 percent, CII soared by 4.81 percent, VRE advanced by 2.97 percent, VIC emerged by 1.46 percent, and VHM stretched by 1 percent.

The financial sector was also awash in green. Despite not being as plentiful in purple tones as the real estate group, securities stocks surged significantly. Specifically, VND rocketed by 6.09 percent, VCI jumped by 4.28 percent, VIX levitated by 4.23 percent, HCM elevated by 4.93 percent, AGR gained by 4.52 percent, SHS enhanced by 3.91 percent, SSI augmented by 3.33 percent, BSI inflated by 3.94 percent, ORS mounted up by 3.17 percent, and VDS added up by 3.79 percent.

The banking stock group also experienced positive gains. CTG surged by 4.6 percent, TPB rose by 4.35 percent, STB increased by 2.28 percent, LPB climbed by 2.68 percent, OCB advanced by 2.59 percent, VIB gained by 1.9 percent, TCB went up by 1.73 percent, MBB jumped by 2.5 percent, EIB grew by 1.73 percent, BID edged up by 1.21 percent, and ACB moved up by 1.5 percent.

The manufacturing stock group also witnessed several stocks rising over 3 percent. GVR hit the daily limit increase, HPG increased by 4.35 percent, NKG surged by 4.93 percent, GEX jumped by 4.37 percent, MSN gained by 3.4 percent, and HSG climbed by 3.42 percent.

The retail and information technology stock groups also experienced strong growth. FPT hit the daily limit increase, CTR hiked by 5.59 percent, MWG spiraled by 5.02 percent, and FRT bounced by 4.14 percent.

By the end of the trading session, the VN-Index surged by 28.21 points, or 2.4 percent, to reach 1,205.6 points, with 435 stocks rising, 69 falling, and 39 holding steady.

On the Hanoi Stock Exchange, the HNX-Index also climbed by 5.24 points, or 2.35 percent, to 227.87 points, with 147 stocks gaining, 41 losing, and 42 remaining unchanged. Liquidity improved, with the total trading value on the HOSE nearing VND19.9 trillion.

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