Steering committee to set up for people’s travel, goods transportation

Minister of Transport Nguyen Van Thang has just requested competent agencies, departments of transport, and transportation companies to urgently set up a steering committee for people’s travel needs and transport goods during the New Year holiday, the Lunar New Year, and the Lunar New Year festival season in 2023.


Steering committee to set up for people’s travel, goods transportation ảnh 1 Steering committee for people’s travel, goods transportation  will be set up
Accordingly, the Department for Roads of Vietnam is responsible for paying visits to units that provide transportation services during the Tet holiday as well as urging departments of transport in cities and provinces to guide transportation companies and bus stations openly and transparently and comply with regulations on transport charges strictly.
The Department for Roads of Vietnam also needs to regularly coordinate with departments of transport to manage the operation of vehicles to handle violations according to regulations. Moreover, it should direct inspectors to coordinate with transport authorities in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to strengthen inspection to throw the book at drivers who park illegally and owners of overloaded vehicles.
The Department for Roads of Vietnam was asked to instruct BOT investors to control traffic to curb congestion before entering toll booths. In case of traffic jams, the units must open barriers to clear traffic jams.
The Ministry of Transport required the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam, the Vietnam Inland Waterway Administration, the Vietnam Railways Authority, and the Vietnam Maritime Administration to facilitate people's travel needs in addition to dissemination of the law on traffic safety assurance, inspection, and issuance of penalties on violators.
In particular, the Ministry of Transport requested that the special steering committees should coordinate with localities to increase public passenger transport by bus to connect with other modes of transportation while helping passengers at bus stations to clear congestion in bus stations. Last but not least, the steering committee should propose provincial people's committee the plan to organize bus trips to support workers and students returning to their hometowns to unite with relatives on the Tet holiday ( Lunar New Year).
The Departments of Transport in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi work closely with the Tan Son Nhat International Airport and the Noi Bai International Airport to have the plan to increase taxis and buses to clear passenger overload at bus stations during peak days.

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